Clickbank Cash System by Chris Cobb – Exactly Why It’s Unique (But Better Than CPA Arbitrage?)

I was a huge fan of CPA Arbitrage, Chris Cobb’s last big product, and in fact I’m using it right now to make money.

So, since Chris’s products have made money for me before, I had to check out this one: his Clickbank Cash System, or CB-Cash for short.
This review is probably going to be different from other reviews you may read on Clickbank Cash because I actually have it and have used it.

This product claims to be:

life-changing stuff
massive cash-generating stuff
the key to completely automated income

Those bullet points were actually taken directly from the sales page.
I rely on my tests of the course to judge for myself if there’s truth in those claims.

Let’s just cut the hype and get into it.
Here’s why.
It works with products outside of Clickbank as well, but it’s just easier to use Clickbank since it’s so easy to find good digital recurring-income products there.
I like how the course is presented as well, since it deviates from the normal internet-marketing product.

Let me as you this: have you made any sales with Clickbank yet? If you have, are they consistent? Personally, when I was starting out, I made a few sales one day then went days before my next one came in.

Clickbank Cash solves that problem by showing you how to promote the products that make you recurring sales.
He even tells you exactly how to structure your autoresponder and messages.
Haven’t seen many courses do that, so he gets a couple extra points from me.
Really, just follow what he says and it’s almost a breeze.

The proof and testimonials

Normally I like to check into the testimonials with the products I promote, but there were none on the sales letter at the time of me writing this review, so I couldn’t look into any.

I’m not here to hype this thing up.

Personally (and it seems like it’s just me), I think an honest review of a product is the most important thing I can give you.

The Good Things:

solid content, unique angle
awesome video tutorials (since I’m a very visual learner)
tells both the “why” and the “how”
incredibly good upsell (in the backend)
step-by-step directions (and explanations)
fast customer support
Chris makes money by using his system, not just selling it
lots of reading
uses Clickbank (which makes it easier)
will work with any niche (he even tells you not to do the IM niche)
8-week refund period in case you fail

The Bad Things:

you have to put in the time to make it work
lots of basic information (but lots of gold nuggets as well)
there’s more reading than video instruction
making real money will take dedication and testing (but it is possible)
though Chris shows you how, you’ll have to do the research and find niches yourself
success will not happen overnight
Otherwise, to just “make money”, you have make sales every single time.

I guess it’s just something about getting paid again every single month for each sale I make.

My final opinion.
There’s nothing incredibly new and ground-breaking in here, and some of the content you may already know.
Either way you go though, if you take action and do what Clickbank Cash System says to do, you’re going to make money.
There’s also the potential to make the money Chris claims is possible.
This system works, and he does an amazing job of presenting it to you so you can follow along very easily.
The best thing is that if you use his methods in here, once you make a sale it’s going to pay you every month.

I’ll tell you what though, this is the product you’ve been waiting for if nothing else has worked.


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